Blue Knot Strategies (BKS) provides nationwide assistance in strategic development to small businesses, nonprofit organizations and campaigns.

Company Profile

Blue Knot provides a flexible work environment for stay-at-home professional parents, providing simple and cost efficient strategies for clients.

The Small Business department helps companies get a good start, understand the federal process and establish sustainable growth. The Non Profit department enhances program effectiveness and supplements development teams. The Campaign department builds field and finance operations.

Our Team

Based in Washington DC, Blue Knot professionals are valued for their unique experience, exceptional personal attention, and invaluable flexibility. With an expansive Human Resource department, Blue Knot can provide immediate services with outstanding results.

Junelle Cavero Harnal, Chairman

Mrs. Cavero Harnal holds an 85% proposal, grant application and corporate sponsorship attrition rate. As the Business Development and Marketing Manager at a leading law firm, she concentrated on strategic planning, cross selling methods and national practice development. As a nonprofit consultant, she specialized in board transition, membership development and creating strategic partnerships with Fortune 500 companies. Her strategic development experience began in 1993 on a federal campaign. On her days off, she can be found with her two kids, Revah and Vera, hiking in the mountains of Arizona.

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Villa Mills, Vice President and Small Business Department

Ms. Mills was intrigued enough to be pulled out of retirement. She can be found feeding her chickens or building her new garden in Warrenton, Virginia.

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Isaac Medrano, Campaign Department

Mr. Medrano served as the Latino Caucus Director during the 2008 presidential primary and election. As a field operations and outreach specialist, Mr. Medrano has executed numerous organizing programs for Field Works, Democracia USA, Green for All, Mass Equality and Promise Arizona. A tax specialist by training, he reaches new limits assisting campaigns with the most cost efficient strategies and opportunities. He holds a Bachelors in Exercise and Sports Science from the University of San Francisco and can always be found at a San Francisco Giants baseball game.

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Heather Hocke Driscoll, Human Resources Department

Mrs. Driscoll began her career in accounts receivable for a private medical practice and later managed a national trucking service. She achieved her Bachelor of Arts in English from San Jose State University and utilized her degree to refine customer service and sales processes for multiple corporations. Today, she helps employees identify their strengths and build careers towards their passions. She can be found camping with her girls, Keira and Leah, or actively participating in one of the billion parent groups in Sacramento.

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